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About Me

  • Name: Corey Chaconas
  • Twitter: @CoreyChaconas
  • Age: 25
  • Alma Mater: University of Maryland (Accounting & Finance)
  • Favorite Team: Boston Red Sox


I am captivated by the game of baseball – and always have been. I vividly remember watching Red Sox games as early as 1st grade as if every pitch was a matter of life or death. The Red Sox were the single greatest source of angst for my parents in raising me, which is as absurd as it is true. In 2002, at age 10, I threw an epic tantrum after Athletics center fielder Terrence Long snatched a Manny Ramirez missile just over the short right-center field wall in Fenway Park, robbing the Red Sox of a walk-off win. In a moment that would have made the late Earl Weaver proud, I picked up a large, unwieldy cardboard box and flung it at the television. I screamed and cried in agony as if my leg had just been snapped in two. My parents, aghast at my belligerence, pleaded with me to calm down – to no avail. We had guests over that day, and I was certainly old enough to understand that my behavior was embarrassing.  To me, at the time, it didn’t matter. THE RED SOX LOST and my world was irreparably shattered – at least, until the Red Sox played again the following day.

Fortunately for my parents, my petulance eroded over time, but the fanatical passion I feel for the game will forever be deeply ingrained in my personality. Just like cereal needs milk, I need sports. It’s an inextricable part of me, and it’s what breathes life into me on a daily basis. It’s what transforms me, a normally unassuming introvert, into a voluble extrovert.

Despite being an erudite sports guy my entire life, I never had the courage to create a path for myself. I rationalized that the sports analysis career arc was too arduous and uncertain for a risk-averse person such as myself.

I started working at a Big Four accounting firm this past September. Flying high after passing the CPA exam, I felt poised to embark on a successful and lucrative career in accounting. I was eager to get started since the job represented a culmination of the hard work (well, kind of) I put in throughout college.

Within a month, however, I felt disillusioned with the job. I found the work menial and uninspiring, unreflective of who I am as a person. I spent my days living in a quiet desperation, bewildered that this was the career path I chose. I loathed getting out of bed as I was faced with the nightmarish prospect of confronting my unpalatable reality.

Now mired in a constant state of deep unhappiness, the risk of pursuing my dream of sports writing suddenly didn’t seem like much of a risk anymore. The real risk was staying at a job that made me miserable. So, after months of painstaking thought, I quit my job in January, eschewing a stable career to do my own damn thing.

Since my decision, I am happier than I have been in years. My life has a reinvigorated purpose and I feel an abstract sense of liberty and serenity. Appealing job opportunities have emerged, and I’m much more optimistic than ever. Some people may think I’m crazy, that my ambitions are nothing more than quixotic pipe dreams. Perhaps they’re right. But for the first time in my life, I’m not afraid of failure; I’m afraid of not trying.

I will work hard to frequently provide quality and objective content for this blog.  I aim to blend sabermetric principles with a deep fundamental understanding of the game’s nuances (while sprinkling in some witty wise cracks). I’m so excited to be doing what I love, and I welcome your feedback – even if it’s negative!

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